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Consistent Loading Screen Error AC Version 1.75.2

Hey there!

I've run into a persistent error when attempting to use a loading screen within my 3D unity build.
AC is currently running in Version: 1.75.2

Here is the error and the loading settings I have setup for the project. additional assets are not being used here, I'm simply using a brand new project with AC imported.


  • Use a scene other than "0" for your loading screen. This is the first scene of the game, and the one that AC will use to initialise itself.

  • Thanks for the quick response! It appears every scene that is assigned to be the loading screen scene suffers from the same error.

  • Is the loading scene an "AC scene", converted by the Scene Manger?

    This shouldn't be a requirement, but try organising your scene objects for it if it's not already.

  • Yes, I have attempted using a scene with and without AC but the error continues to appear.

    I've attempted a few different things with new Unity projects to see when the error appears exactly. I'm assuming this error started appearing with the latest version of AC but I have no way of testing this exactly without being able to download previous versions. Any project I open with the latest version of AC has this error but my older projects with AC version 1.74.1and lower work just fine with all loading scenes.

  • edited April 2022

    UPDATE- everything is working, the error still exists within the editor but it wasn't the direct cause of the problem I was having. The loading screen seems to work just fine when the game is actually launched. For some reason my projects weren't loading the next scene I was telling it to so it would freeze on the loading screen.

  • everything is working

    So this is resolved? What was the cause of the problem?

  • Sorry for the late reply. I'm not entirely sure what the cause was, but I fixed my issue by importing AC into a new project and following the same steps I used to make my loading screen in my previous project.

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