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question re GameEngine prefab

edited April 2022 in Technical Q&A

Hi Chris,

I am trying to better understand the GameEngine prefab that gets added to AC based scenes. Comparing the Demo scene GameEngine, I see its inspector has defined the Required Manager Package as well as a Nav Mesh, though, in my scenes, reviewing the GameEngine's inspector, there's nothing assigned for these fields. My scenes run fine even though nothing is defined in their in scene GameEngine prefabs. Is that OK? Or, should I assign my game's manager package to avoid issues later? Also, I've attempted to drop in my terrain's NavMesh into the Nav Mesh field, though, it won't allow it. But again, my player navigates fine regardless.

Thank you as always! AC is always the best!

Tom Dean


  • You're fine.

    The Required Manager Package field is just there to flag up a warning if the demo games are being run with the wrong Managers are assigned - just to help newcomers.

    The NavMesh field is for a NavMesh "mesh" GameObject when using the "Mesh Collider" pathfinding method. When instead using the default - Unity Navigation - nothing needs to be assigned here.

  • Thank you Chris for the guidance.

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