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Camera Switch not working

I have a main camera that travels with a Dolly Track. It switches to another camera when talking to a character and it should switch back when the conversation is over. But the Switch back is not working and I have no idea why. The weirdest part is that I have more character cameras that switch in the same way and some of them work.

These are the components on my main camera:

These are the components on the character camera (The values in the Camera component are exactly the same as the other camera)

These are the actions that are triggering the switch:

(this one is the one that is not working)

The Constant IDs are correct. Ib have absolutely no idea why it's not working in some cameras. Everything seems to be correct.


  • You're using custom Actions - I couldn't say what the issue might be without knowing the code behind them.

    An alternative approach to using Cinemachine with AC is offered by rtwarner in this thread.

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