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Subtitles overlay on crafting

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, I'm new on AC and I'm not a coder...
I have a problem with Crafting menu and Subtitles, I choose to have the subtitles on top of the main character and it's fine, the only problem is when I'm crafting something the text goes in overlay with the menu...
I would like to make an action on Subtitles_TurnOn:

  • check if the crafting is open > if open move the subtitles in a different position (on top or bottom of the screen...)
    I managed to make the action till the check "if Crafting is open" - pretty easy :) - but then I can't figure out how to change the Subtitles setting via script... any suggestion?
    Thanks a lot!


  • Welcome to the community, @Stegibel.

    You can change any Manager field through script by right-clicking on a field's label to get an API reference to it.

    However, in the case of respositioning the Subtitles menu - I'd say it's better to instead have a second Subtitles menu, repositioned to suit, and have it replace the "regular" Subtitles menu while the Crafting menu is open.

    To do this, duplicate your Subtitles menu, name it e.g. Subtitles_Crafting, and update its properties so that it's positioned correctly. Then check Start game locked off? - this will prevent it from turning on even when its Appear type condition is met.

    If you then create "Turn on" and "Turn off" ActionLists for your Crafting menu, you can then use a pair of Menu: Change state Actions to simultaneously lock the "Subtitles" menu and unlock the "Subtitles_Crafting" when Crafting turns on, and vice-versa when it turns off.

  • Wow @ChrisIceBox ! Thanks a lot, I followed your suggestions and everything works perfectly. Arigatou!

  • @ChrisIceBox thanks for the welcome!

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