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ACEditorPrefs being reset

On every AC update, the values in ACEditorPrefs lose their values. It would be nice if these settings could either be persisted, or be made available to set through code.



  • It's a case of omitting the importing of the default AdventureCreator/Editor/ACEditorPrefs, which is where default values come from.

  • Ah, I see...
    Not super important, but if possible, it would be would be nice to be able to set these values through code in order to not having to remember manual mouse clicking steps while updating :)

  • That's fair.

  • Cool!
    I haven't looked into how prefs work in Unity. But maybe the values themselves doesn't need to be part of the package, but set through code (if they don't already exist). Maybe this could be done at the same time managers are assigned.

    Or perhaps it's as easy as making the members public :)
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