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Game Reset and Cutscene

edited May 2022 in Technical Q&A

Hey guys, I have a problem with Game Reset and Cutscene:
My scene starts with a cuscene, if I try to restart the game while in the cutscene it's not working properly:
the game reset (apparently) but the cutscene is still running, I can see the dialogues running... how to have a Real reset?
I'm using a button with:

  • Engine End Game - > Restar Game -> Restart to "MyMainScene"
  • Sound - > Stop (otherwise is still running)
    But I can't manage to stop the dialogues...

Any help?


  • BTW I also tried to use "Dialogue: Stop speech -> Stop ALL and force off subtitles"... but I still see the cutscene dialogue

  • Is this to say the restart process works if the Cutscene is not running?

    Can you let me know your AC/Unity versions, as well as share screenshots of the two ActionLists involved? I'll need them to reliably recreate the issue.

  • Thanks for the answer, so I have a button to reset the game and send the player to the main scene.
    From the main scene I have a "new game" button to start the game.
    Few other details:
    1. When I start the game I play a video
    2. I have two kind of Subtitle: one for the characters and one for a narrator.
    Everytime I reset the game during a cutscene I can clearly see a dialogue sentence (a character sentence) stuck in the narrator in overlay with the video. Not sure I explained properly... hope you can understand.

    I'm using 2020.3.29f1 + AC 1.75.2 (but I updated it few minutes ago, so I was using the previous version I suppose).

    Here the screenshots of my actions

  • Stopping speech alone won't necessarily stop further speech from playing, if an ActionList is separately running that displays more. I need to know details of the Cutscene you mention that is running at the same time that you restart the game.

    I can't recreate the issue so far, but as a test: open up AC's ActionEndGame script and find the line:

    return 0f;

    Immediately above it, paste:

    KickStarter.actionListManager.KillAllLists ();

    Does that resolve it?

  • Hey Chris, thanks a lot. I wrote the code you told me and now it works properly.

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