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Show main cursor before pausing

When the Esc key is pressed, I trigger pausing like this:
KickStarter.stateHandler.EnforcePauseMode = value;

But if the mouse happened to be hovering over a hotspot when the key was pressed, then that hotspot cursor is now persisted and used until unpausing. Any ideas as to how to reset the cursor before pausing?
I tried KickStarter.playerCursor.ResetSelectedCursor() but the hotspot cursor still stays as long as the game is paused.



  • Pausing the game shouldn't freeze the cursor. Are you referring instead to Hotspot icons?

    What are the contents of the AC's Status box during this time?

  • Here's a recording to better illustrate the scenario:!Amz_vh8OYDX3vdA6ZlPWA_B1mZYPmQ?e=wlf3dj

    I set KickStarter.stateHandler.EnforcePauseMode to true is set in an Update method that listens for the Esc key to be pressed.

  • What method are you using to render your cursor?

    The cursor mode can be reset with:

    AC.KickStarter.playerCursor.ResetSelectedCursor ();
  • edited May 2022

    The built in one (the default one). Yes, I tried that before and after setting EnforcePauseMode to true, but it doesn't change the cursor for me.

  • The built in one (the default one)

    As in, Software?

  • That's the one :)

  • I'll need full details for a recreation, as well as the custom script. Can you PM me a sample package?

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