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Warning Display

I keep getting a Can't remove Variables (Script) because RememberVariables (Script) depends on it warning when I perform a certain action.
The object with the Variables (and Remember) script also has Moveable and RememberTransform components on it - it's a large gate/shutter type thing that the player opens/closes via a lever. It is moved using an Object: Transform action rather than animation.

It's not causing any real issue (that I know of) btw, I just don't know why it's showing as I have not tried to remove the Variables component at any time.


  • Can you post the message in full?

  • Well, that's actually all it says.
    Also I think it only shows once I exit play mode.

  • I'd need more context to tell where it's coming from. Moving it shouldn't cause any issue - are there any "Object: Add or remove" Actions involved?

  • No there are no Object: Add or Remove actions at all.

    Anyway, I removed the variables component from the moveable "gate" object and put it on an empty game object instead. Now I no longer get the warning message, so all is well.

    Maybe there's some incompatibility with multiple Remember components on one object, I don't know that for sure though.

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