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Post processing on menus and portraits

In my 2D game I'm using portraits for NPCs, but my post processing does not seem to be applying to them, neither does it work on menus.
I've replaced my main camera with the post processing prefab, and applied the main camera component. It seems to work great except not on portraits.


  • You'll need to have your Menu rely on Unity UI if not already, as Post Processing will not work with the "Adventure Creator" source option.

    Once using Unity UI, you'll then need to set the Canvas's Render Mode to Screen Space Camera - this is a requirement of Unity rather than AC.

    The Canvas's Render Camera field will also need to be set to AC's MainCamera, but AC will assign this automatically if the UI is a prefab.

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    That works! Thankyou.
    Unfortunately that seems to drastically change the camera view in menus and causes portraits to break. I'm unsure of a way to fix that short of rebuilding the portrait system from scratch as well as the menus :( It may not be possible to do this, at least at my skill level.

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