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Wait for menu selection during conversation

I have the menu to set player name come up in the middle of my OnStart cutscene. There is a bunch of stuff that is before and a bunch of stuff that is after in the actionlist so setting the player name is in the middle of a conversation, like... "What is your name?" then the menu comes up. Immediately afterward the player says "My name is [var:x].
Trouble is, the game doesn't wait for the player to input into the menu, the dialogue afterward just keeps going while the menu is open and doesn't wait for them to press "OK". How do I tell the game to pause until the player enters their name?
I've tried setting the "Store player name" actionlist as "Run in background" and "Pause Gameplay" but this doesn't seem to do anything. I have both "Store player name" and "Onstart" set to "When running: Pause Gameplay". "Wait until Finish" doesn't seem to do anything either... I've also tried having "Engine: wait" actions but these only make the game wait a set amount of time...


  • Separate your OnStart Cutscene into two - ending the first with the Menu: Change state Action.

    Then, when the Player has entered their name and the variable has updated, run the second Cutscene (that now contains the Actions to run afterwards) using the ActionList: Run Action.

  • As always you're extremely helpful. Much appreciated, thank you.

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