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question about adding a translation

Hello. Please advise on adding a translation. Created an additional translation language Russian. Pressed the Gather text button. Exported csv file. I made a translation in the corresponding column of the csv file and imported it. Added translation to the menu. But in the display of subtitles in dialogues, the translation does not work. Only characters , ? . How to add a translation? Sorry for the english (used google translate)


  • Welcome to the community, @vrportal.

    What are your AC and Unity versions, and what do you mean by "Only characters"? Are you saying that only Player/NPC names are being properly updated?

    After importing the CSV file, check your Speech Manager's Lines list to see some of the text lines - they should list both the original and Russian languages. Are the Russian languages being updated there?

    The Console window should also print a message about how many lines are being updated.

    If possible, please share some screenshots of the import process so that I can see the situation better.

  • Thank you for responding so quickly. AC 1.75.2, Unity 2020.3.25f1

    The last screenshot does not show the translation of the conversation

  • The Russian is appearing in the Options menu - is it only in the Conversation that text is not appearing?

    Does this issue occur when the game begins in Russian - or only when you switch to Russian through the Options menu once the game begins?

    Locate the example line in your Speech Manager (type: Dialogue Option, "Check the magical barrier", line ID: 100) - is the Russian translation listed there? If so, it may be a separate issue.

    Try reverting your game's Menu Manager asset file to the default Default_MenuManager asset - does the default Conversation menu show up then?

    Check also the Console for messages at the time the issue occurs - is anything related displayed?

  • The problem arises when the game begins in Russian.

    Only these lines are displayed in the speech dispatcher. There are no lines 100 there. But even those lines that are displayed and there is a translation in the game not to be translated.

    Reverted the game's Menu Manager asset file to the Default_MenuManager default resource. Everything translates perfectly.
    But with the active Menu Manager : WalkingDead MenuManager , which I use, there is a translation problem.

    Another feature. Line 100 is not completely translated.

  • It looks like it's not a translation issue, but a UI issue.

    The Default_MenuManager's Conversation menu is not set up to handle a dialogue option this long - it's being cut off in the UI, but if you select the Text component in the Hierarchy you should find that it's all there.

    With the Walking Dead Menu Manager, it may be a font issue - try replacing the Fonts assigned in the Walking Dead's Conversation menu UI prefab. Otherwise, it may be a case of adjusting the Text component's spacing/size options.

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