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Could the text input box allow player to navigate text insertion point away from end of text?

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Hello! Six years since releasing The Last Time, I'm back working on another adventure, A Very Corporate Escape Room!

I'm working on an in-game note-taking system, because it always ruins my immersion when I have to look away from the screen to use a pencil and paper. The player can bring up a menu with an input box that lets them type their notes. It looks like this.

The problem is that the player will likely want to navigate to the middle of the text that they've written to delete or change things. Currently the only way to do this would be to delete everything they've written since that point. It would be beneficial if the player could do the following:

  • Click on an earlier point in the text to move the text insertion point to where they've clicked
  • Use the arrow keys to move the text insertion point around

I don't know how much effort would be involved in making this possible, so if it's too much of an ask then no worries. Excited to be back working with AC either way!


  • Welcome back, @Blackbird!

    These features are supported by Unity's Input Field component - if your Menu relies on Unity UI you'll be able to make use of it.

    The Manual's "Unity UI menus" chapter covers the workflow on linking Unity UI with AC menus.

  • Thank you so much @ChrisIceBox , that's great to hear - I've been using AC menus but I'll make use of Unity UI as you suggest and follow the instructions in the manual.

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