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Scripted Action List Output Issues

Hey! I have been trying to make a scripted action list following the scripted action list example but i have encountered an issue which seems to be a bug with the Run Action List action. After assigning my custom list of actions to the ActionList class the new actions appeared in the editor but they were not connected. Esentially each instance of the run action list action would set its output to stop instead of continue.

I thought I was doing something wrong, but I tried adding the Run Action List node at the end of the scripted action list example and it has the same issue.

    actionList.actions = new List<Action>
    // Show a Console message
        ActionComment.CreateNew ("Running Example 1 - move the player, say something, and add an inventory item"),

            // Move the Player to the Marker (note: uses pathfinding, so a NavMesh will need to be set up)
        ActionCharPathFind.CreateNew (KickStarter.player, markerToMoveTo),

        // Have the Player say something (Note: The 'translation ID' parameter is optional)
                    ActionSpeech.CreateNew (KickStarter.player, playerSpeechText, playerSpeechTranslationID),

        // Add an item to the Player's inventory
        ActionInventorySet.CreateNew_Add (inventoryItemIDToAdd),

        // Show another Console message
        ActionComment.CreateNew ("Example complete!"),



And the result of this code (just added the 2 ActionRunActionList to the ScriptedActionListExample script, template is a random action list asset):

As you can see all the other actions have their outputs correctly set, just the run action list actionis being set to stop.


  • Recreated, thanks.

    To fix, open up ActionRunActionList and find the two CreateNew static functions at the bottom. Replace their endings:

    return newAction;


    newAction.runInParallel = true;
    return newAction;
  • awesome, thanks Chris!

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