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Inventory Items Not Stacking

Recently I've noticed an issue in which inventory items are sometimes not stacking when collected, either from a container or through normal gameplay. However, it seems to be random - I recognise no real pattern to it. It doesn't happen too often, I'm just unsure why it happens.

Also, sometimes when moving items into a container, the item will instead move to the first slot of the inventory (if that slot is empty), then you have to try again to move the item to the container. This is no big deal but I wonder if it's related in some way.

I am using AC 1.75.3 and I don't think I encountered this before now.


  • Inventory behaviour is very much dependent on the minutae of your Settings, Inventory and Inventory menu's properties - I'll need to know what your exact values are in order to recreate this.

    Can you PM me a .unitypackage that contains your Managers and a sample scene that demonstrates this?

  • Of course, I am finding it impossible to recreate in this scene right now.
    I suspect though, that it's related to the Items can be reordered in Menus? option. In AC1.75.4 we can now Highlight empty inventory slots without needing this option enabled.

    So, before getting this package prepared I'd like to update to this version and test that out. When about to import though, in Editor, there is something I haven't noticed before:

    What is this please, and am I okay to not include it or is important? Maybe it's always been there & I just didn't notice. I'm still on Unity 2018.4.36f1 btw.

  • ACEditorPrefs is an asset that provides further tweaks to AC's interface in the Editor - e.g. gizmo colours and field widths.

    It's not used at runtime or in builds, but is necessary to be present. If you omit it from the import, AC will auto-generate a new one.

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