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Automating creation of custom hotspots


I find that creating new Hotspots in my game involve a lot of repetition.

I usually create a hotspot. Then I create a marker, add it to the hotspot and move it a bit. Then I create the USE interaction, the EXAMINE interaction, and the UNHANDLED INVENTORY interaction. Then I create the Action Lists for each of those three interactions. Then I go inside each Action List and, usually, make the first node a Dialog node that Plays Speech as a player line.

Although each dialogue line is different, the process previous to writing them is usually the same.
So I thought a prefab would solve the repetition. But Action Lists can't go inside a prefab. So, arguably the most tedious process (doing the Action List over and over), is a no go. I still have to create three Action Lists and set the first node to Dialogue.

Is there a way to do this automatically?



  • You could change the default action to dialogue in the settings manager, which might save you a bit of time.
  • Welcome to the community, @perezbalen.

    The Hotspot + Marker combination can be prefabbed, and you can rely on ActionList assets + parameters for the Interactions.

    Create a new ActionList asset that has a Dialogue: Play speech Action, define a String parameter in its properties and use it to override the Action's Line text field. You can then use this asset whenever an Interaction consists of a single speech line - by setting the line text from the Hotspot.

    To do this, set your Hotspot's Interaction source field to Asset File, and then set your Use Interactions to run this new asset file. Then, for each Use Interaction defined, attach a Set Interaction Parameters component to the Hotspot. In each, assign the Interaction type and Interaction fields, and you can then set the line texts by updating the value of the ActionList asset's String parameter.

  • Thanks. That seemed to do the trick.

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