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Mysterious texts related to sliders during Gather Texts

When I click Gather Texts, these lines are picked up, but they are never shown in the game and I don't believe I ever set them:

7161 (MenuElement):
Owner: SpeechSlider
Text: Speech volume

7163 (MenuElement):
Owner: MusicSlider
Text: Music volume

7165 (MenuElement)
Owner: SFXSlider
Text: SFX volume

I use separate labels over the sliders (and they work as expected).
My menus are all configured to use Unity UI Prefab.

Unity: 2021.3.5
AC: 1.75.3


  • They're only used by AC Sliders, and won't be used if using Unity UI.

    I'll prevent them from being gathered in the next update, thanks for the report.

  • I've looked further into this, and I think the better solution would be to allow for Text components to be usable by UI Slider elements.

  • Ah, yes, to be able to associate the label of the slider would make total sense.

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