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Having trouble with mecanim head turning

Hi there. Not sure if it's strictly AC related but I'll give it a shot anyway. I've been trying to make a character look at hotspots with animations. I followed the "3d game" tutorial but I think I have issues with animation layers.

I have a character with all the animations to look up, down, left, and right. Like in the tutorial I added the yaw and pitch parameters, made a second animation layer (weight to 1 and additive blending), and put it all in a 2D blend tree. The parameters are in the player prefab too. The tutorial showed that this was enough, but my player's head doesn't turn.

After a few experiments, it seems that the blend tree is at least correct, since the head does turn if I put it in the base layer (though with a t pose). So I'm guessing the issue is that the layers aren't blending together?


  • The AC side of things looks correct. Keep the Animator window open at runtime to view the "live" state of it, and see if the Blend Tree is being correctly updated by the parameter values.

    If they are, then it does sound like a blending issue. Rather than setting the sub-layer to Additive, try it set as Override and use an Avatar Mask to have it only affect head movement.

  • Using an Avatar Mask worked. Thanks for the help!

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