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Need help getting custom label to save

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Hi all,
I tried following this tutorial:
But saving works slightly different for me as the player would have already entered their name in a character creation screen.

I wanted them to be able to save the game and their character name would appear instead of "Save1" or "Load1" is this possible?

I've done as much as i can figure out but when quitting the game it goes back to default string "Load1", I presume because the character name is saved in the save file if that makes sense and the name won't load until the save is loaded?

I think I've made it where all the save names only work inside the save file ... but I'm not sure how else to go about it


  • If your Player's name is set as a String variable, you can use the end of the tutorial's technique of putting the variable's value inside your custom label.

    It's necessary, however, to keep Pre-process tokens? checked in the Action. This'll make sure the save label relies on the variable's value at the time of the save, as opposed to literally storing it as the variable token, which'll cause it to use the "live" value of the variable.

    This feature was introduced in v1.75.3. If you're using an older version, you'll need to update - though you may be able to get by with just updating the Action script itself, ActionSaveHandle.cs. You can grab this by importing AC into a fresh project and copying it over.

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