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Strange behaviour of navmesh

edited July 2022 in Technical Q&A

Hi, i'm here again for help.
In my last scene i did same thing as in all others, but something really weird happens. I create navmesh as always, and player walks outside of it....
I tried to recreate navmesh three times and ALWAYS the same behaviour, in same point.



  • Ok found the cause. When i created the Boss character, it put the Pivot in that strange point. What did i wrong and how can avoid this problem in future? Thanks for help


  • A character's pivot point must be by their feet - the bottom of the green rectangle in your screenshot should align with the position of your "Boss" object.

    See the 2D Demo game's Brain2D Player prefab for an example. A tutorial on creating 2D characters can be found here.

  • Thanks will try again

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