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[ Paths > Character waits during? ] not working correctly

Hi everyone,

I have a path with 2 nodes (0 & 1) set up for my character to walk up and down. When he reaches node 1 I want him to wait in that spot while a 5 second animation plays.

If I tick Paths (Script) > Node 1: > 'Character waits during?' the animation plays but he does not stop moving.

If I tick ActionList Editor > Object: Animate > Wait until finish? he still does not stop moving but gameplay will be blocked for the duration.

If I tick both of these things he will stop at the node for the duration of the animation but gameplay is blocked and that is not appropriate for my game.
If I set Paths (Script) > Path properties > Node wait time (s): to 5 he will exhibit the correct behaviour but he does it all all nodes and that is not ideal.

How can I get him to stay there for the duration without blocking gameplay? It seems like 'Character waits during?' is made for this so I'm surprised it doesn't seem to.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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    Welcome to the community, @Lux.

    To clarify: Character waits during? refers to waiting for the ActionList itself to complete, rather than the effects of it. For this to work, the ActionList itself will need to be running for the full 5 seconds.

    For this, you can either check Wait until finish? in the Character: Animate Action, or add on an Engine: Wait Action of 5 seconds afterwards.

    Either way, you'll then just need to prevent the ActionList from blocking gameplay while it runs. This is a case of going to its properties panel, and setting its When runnig field to Run In Background.

  • Thanks very much Chris, that is very helpful.

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