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RememberAnimator doesn't save/load animation substates


I've noticed something that looks like a AC or Unity bug. If an animator controller has multiple substates (sub-state machine) and we're saving the game while the current state/animation is inside a substate, it doesn't correctly load back to this state when loading the save.
RememberAnimator is attached to the animator object.

First image: current state is inside a substate, before loading:

Second image: after loading, state is back to default, from entry:

I did not take a look at the RememberAnimator code, is it possible it just doesn't save substates?


  • It should do - each layer is in the same way.

    I can't recreate such an issue. What are your AC and Unity versions, and are you controlling any animation playback once the game has loaded?

  • I've found the problem:

    It looks like when duplicating a substate mashine the hashes for each state do not change.
    Due to that multiple states have the same hash and the remember script plays the first state with that hash, which is the initial one.
    Not sure if this is intended by Unity, but either way, mystery solved! :smile:

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