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Creating a Title-screen menu, where is "back" button?

edited August 2022 in Technical Q&A

I'm creating my title screen menu and got to this section where it says to "Add a Menu: Change state Action to unlock it:" and shows a "back" button. Under what menu is this "back" button located? As far as I know, neither pause or title have a "back" button and I found this instruction to be very confusing. Is this supposed to be the "Resume" button under the pause menu or is it talking about back under Options?
Also, it is "button 6" but by default the Pause menu has buttons 0-5 and the new Title menu has buttons 0-4... so where did this 6th button appear from? Maybe this is an error in the tutorial.


  • Also the next section that says "add a Scene: Switch Action". Are we adding it to the "Begin new game" action list asset? If so, why does the image show it as action "0" when we already added the Menu: Change state action? So wouldn't the Scene Switch action be "1"?

  • Sorry, looks like the wrong images are showing, or showing in the wrong order.

    I will go over things and correct them.

  • That makes sense. I got my title menu working beautifully following the rest of the directions. Thank you :)

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