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Trigger and collider renderers don't "intersect" in the editor like they used to

Unity 2020.3.11f1
AC 1.75.6

I'm not sure if this is something that was changed in a recent AC version or if it's Unity related, but I remember turning off the "Toggle skybox and other effects" button in the scene window (next to lights, sounds) would make it so that it would be easier to see stuff like AC triggers and colliders intersect each other, in a way that their meshes would accurately show where they were intersecting.

In the video below, the collider does intersect that way with the "dresser's" mesh - cleanly outlining their intersection. But this doesn't happen with the trigger. I tried it out with an older project as well (Unity 2019.1.3f1 and AC 1.72.4) and somehow this doesn't seem to have it either, though I can remember it did at the time.

imagetrigger" alt="" title="" />

This used to be a thing right? I'm finding it quite difficult to judge the position of my triggers and colliders without this. Any solution?


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    For more context, here's how a collider looks with a mesh and how it should look (with lighter blue when inside the box and a faint outline)

    imageimage" alt="" title="" />

    and how it looks with a trigger, with everything in the exact same position as before.

    imageimage" alt="" title="" />

  • Nothing has changed recently in the way such boxes are drawn - it does appear to be a Unity issue. I shall look further into it, however.

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    Ah so just to confirm, these boxes DID intersect before the way meshes do, right?

    It's odd because an old project of mine also has the same issue, so it can't be a Unity update either I'm guessing.

    Either way some sort of a fix/ workaround would really help as currently this is making it pretty hard to judge the positioning of these boxes in 3d space

  • I don't recall one way or the other, but I the behaviour is the same in Unity 2017 and a 5-year old version of AC.

  • Alright. It would be cool if something could be done to make these intersections clearer in a future version of AC, if possible!

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