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Remember scripts loading default state instead of saved state


I'm running into an issue with the Remember scripts not loading into their appropriate state when loading a save. I have an object with a Remember Visibility component and a Remember Variables component. In the Inspector, if I order the Remember Visibility component to be above the Remember Variables components the visibility state of the object these components are attached to does not load properly, it loads the default state I set in the Remember Visibility component and not the state it was saved in. For example, the object's visibility is off at the start of the game, I start the game, make progress and the object is now visible, then I save the game, and then load the file just saved, and instead of the object being visible like expected, it is hidden (it has reverted to the default state of off).

I am seeing this issue in other parts of my game and with other Remember components like Remember Trigger always loading the default state and not the state it was saved in.

I'm using Unity 2021.3.8f1 and AC 1.75.6.
I did not have this problem on Unity 2021.3.0f.1 and AC 1.75.2

Any assistance on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Thank you!


  • Your example case mentions this involving two Remember components on the same object - and their order affecting things. Is this consistent with all cases, or is it occuring with objects with e.g. just one Remember component?

    What platform are you building to, and are you relying on a custom save handler?

  • Yes it does seem consistent with having more than one Remember component. If I remove the Remember Variables component then the Remember Visibility component works as expected. Strange thing is I can get it to replicate 100% on a particular object, but if I try to replicate this behavior on a different object not giving the problem before then it doesn't replicate the issue.

    I'm building to Windows and am not relying on a custom save handler.

  • I'm not able to recreate the issue. Could you PM me a scene file that contains the object in question?

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