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disable the automatic creation of links

Is it possible to somehow disable the automatic creation of links in nodes when creating a new node? Sometimes this is convenient, but more often it gives me problems and I would like to disable this option.
It is when creating a new node, and not when copying.


  • The cirumstances under which new Actions/node connections are made - I'll need to know the specific situation at play.

    How are you creating the new node - by dragging a wire from an output socket, or adding a new Action from the menu/toolbar?

    Can you also share screenshots showing a before/after of the connection being made?

  • No problem. This appears mainly when the connection was already there, I remove it and create a new node. At the same time, it automatically attaches itself somewhere where it wants to. I don't need it most of the time, that's what I'd like to turn off.

  • By "remove it", do you mean change the Action's type - or delete and insert a second node?

    With the latter, AC will transfer the "socket data" from one to the other - is this what you're looking to prevent?

    Otherwise, the issue may be related to the specific arrangement of Actions in your given list. If you could PM me an ActionList asset file that demonstrates the issue after taking a particular step - e.g. inserting a new Action after a specific other Action - please share with instructions and I'll attempt a recreation.

  • I will say this: I would not like automatic creation of links between nodes at all, except for the situation when I continue the node by copying. I don't know how else to explain it :(

  • I appreciate it's tricky to explain, but I do need to be more clear on what you're asking for.

    If a new node B is dragged out from A, then node A should be automatically linked to node B, with node B not being linked to anything.

    Is the behaviour above what you're looking to change, or is the behaviour you're getting not as above?

  • I made a video to show where the links I don't need appear. This really interferes greatly, they have to be removed. And if you forgot to do it or did not notice, then everything will be very bad.

  • Thank you - I will look into this.

  • I have recreated the issue and a fix will be included in the next update. You're welcome to PM me if you would like to be involved in testing.

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