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Hotspot on Player character

Hi folks, do you know how to have a hotspot on the main character?
I tried to put the component Hotspot + a trigger Box Collider on my Player prefab but it doesn't work... something I should know about it?
Thanks a lot


  • If you've enabled Player-switching in the Settings Manager, then the Auto-sync Hotspot state? option in your Player Inspector will determine if their attached Hotspot is automatically turned off and on based on whether they're the active Player or not.

    If the option is unchecked, or you do not rely on Player-switching, then the Hotspot should behave as normal. Is this for a 2D or 3D Player character, what object/child are the components attached to, and what layer is the object on?

  • Hey Chris, thanks for the answer, it's for a 2D game and I'm using the player switching. I just disabled the Auto-sync hotspot state and it's working! Thanks a lot

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