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2D Markers sometimes lead characters to the wrong positions.

Hello. I'm making a game with my student and we're working on a cutscene. In the scene the character walks to a marker, then something causes them to launch into the air and come back down to Earth. We are using markers to achieve this. Everything works fine until the character comes back down, as he seems to always land in the same wrong position above and to the right of the original position. We are using the same marker that makes the character walk to the position at the start of the cutscene. I've posted a video to my Google Drive of me and my student running through the issue, showing the position of the marker and how the player does not go to the correct position.


  • Try unchecking Pathfind? in the Character: Move to point Actions. Your character shouldn't normally be able to travel between these two points in regular gameplay, so they may not be within the bounds of the NavMesh.

    If that makes no difference, does he always land at the same Y-position regardless of how far up/down the Marker itself is?

    It may be that the character's visible position differs from their root position, which is what the Character: Move to point Action will affect. Make sure that the assigned sprite child (looks to be "Prince Daring animator") has a local position of 0,0,0. This will appear as a warning in the Console if it's not the case, though.

    As an aside: I'd recommend the use of Timeline for this kind of sequence. Unity's Timeline tool makes it much easier to sync up character animation and movement together - instead of moving the character through Actions, you could instead move their "Prince Daring animator" object with an Animation Timeline track alongside another that plays the sprite animation. This would cause the character to appear to move up/down, but without affecting their root position.

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