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UFPS Player vs AC FP Player for an adventure game

I'm trying to assess if there's any strong benefits to implementing the UCC integration VS the current AC first person player for what is essentially a 3D adventure game. The UCC integration doesn't work out of the box (at all), is it worth the trouble?

There are obvious plusses with UCC, like built-in fall damage, right-click zoom and a robust surface system.
But for a pure adventure game (with minimal FPS elements) these are all secondary features and the current AC FP player is quite evolved. Am I missing something that would still make the UCC player a sure win?


  • It ultimately comes down to what your requirements for the Player character are.

    Secondary features things like fall damage, zooming etc can be added to the AC FP Player through scripting, but share details if you're having issues with the UCC integration. Are the demo scenes running correctly?

  • No, the big UCC demo scene wasn't running correctly anymore in the first place, but that's Opsive's problem I believe. (Had to make it URP compatible & solve problems with the 2nd camera's overlay first.)

    Thanks, I'll post here if I have outstanding issues with the integration.

  • "Are the demo scenes running correctly?"

    This is a follow-up of this older thread as I revisited my UCC integration.
    No, the demo scenes are completely jacked on my end: latest AC & Unity.
    Not using any inspector-influencing asset either that could cause this.

  • The component and error messages are both from UCC - you should share these images with Opsive.

    What version of UCC are you using?

  • 2.4.8, the latest. I'll take it to Opsive then.

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