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Not-Remember transform of things

We've been having a problem when loading a save from a scene in which some things move. The proble is that when loading, it detected what was the last transform that thing had. Originally they are placed somewhere else. We understand (we think we do) the concept of Remember but we don't want to remember that last positions. Instead we want to load the scene not where they were, but where they were originally at the beginning.
We are not sure what else to try... many of these things occur during cutscenes so you can understand what the problem may be: cutscene->middle of the cutscene I load something->things are like they were right before loading.
Hope this description helps.


  • Does this occur when loading from another scene, or only when loading while within the same scene?

    Make sure that Always reload scene when loading a save file? is checked in the Settings Manager's "Scene loading" settings. Otherwise, only saved data will be applied to the objects - they won't be reset first.

    One last thing. If the player is doing an animation and I load another scene by using the Load function, the character plays what was doing before the load, in the new scene. Example: the character is drilling something. I hit ESC, Load, then load, the character appears correctly but finishes off what he was doing. I don't know why. They don't have a remember functionality. Any clue?
    So far, what I did, was stop the player from pressing ESC.

  • You can attach the Remember Animator component to a character to save/restore their Animator's state.

    Alternatively, if you want to just reset the Player to their idle state, you can use the Character: Animate Action after the load is complete. If files are loaded via a SavesList element, you can do this by assigning an ActionList with this Action in the element's ActionList after loading field.

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