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Error copying and pasting actions between actionlists in different scenes.

Hey everyone ! I've been getting this error while trying to copy actions between actionlists in different scenes as of late and no idea what is wrong..


  • Thanks for the details - recreated, I'll look into a fix.

    A workaround in the meantime would be to copy Actions into an ActionList asset - either by converting the scene ActionList itself into an asset (via the Inspector's cog menu), or by having two ActionList Editor windows open (one for the scene ActionList, another for the asset) and copy/pasting Actions from one to the other.

  • As always thanks for the quick reply! This works for now. :smile:

  • This issue seems to be intermittent - I can see about hiding the error message, but it may not fix the issue completely.

    Is there a perceivable pattern to when it works vs doesn't work?

  • Oh no sorry. I meant your workaround with creating assets to copy the actions. It was working fine until yesterday evening and since then it hasn't worked anymore for me. And I've tried the 2020 as well as the 2021 Unity versions with the same outcome.

  • No worries - I know what you meant.

    On my end, the original issue is inconsistent. Does it display every time you switch scene after copying any combination of Actions?

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