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Object: Visibility Actions ignored in Scenes run from the Editor

I discovered a weird behaviour with Object: Visibility Actions in Scenes that are run from the Editor:
These Actions in the OnStart cutscenes get completely ignored. They work when coming from another scene, but not when the scene is run directly from the Editor. Other Action get executed though, only the Object: Visibility Actions seem to be ignored. This seems to be a new behaviour.
No errors in the console are shown, by they way.

Unity 2020.3.38f1 AC 1.76.8


  • I can't rereate the behaviour - can you share screenshots of the object and ActionList in question?

  • I will provide screenshots tomorrow if that helps, but I found the source of the problems. It happens with all objects that have a "Remember Visibility" component attached. When I switch them of, the Object: Visibility Actions work. With them left on, they only get the visibility state set in the component (Visibility on start).
    And it only happen with the cutscenes that are set as the OnStart cutscene. When I run the same cutscene when the scene already runs, everything works as expected.
    Maybe a script execution order problem or something?

  • Sounds like it. I can't reproduce it, but both operations occur in the Start process by default, and the order in which Unity processes objects can be seemingly random at times.

    Two ways to get around this:

    1. Have at least one frame update in your OnStart cutscene before updating the visibility. An Engine: Wait Action of -1 should be enough.
    2. Locate the GameEngine object's Multi Scene Checker component and set its Call Startup Process field to First Frame Update.
  • Thanks. I decided to go with the second option, because that enabled me to apply the change to the prefab and I didn't had to change all 60+ scenes.

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