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Menus buttons not interactable anymore


I'm using Unity UI Prefab, and all menus works fine so far.
Yesterday I've updated AC version (details at bottom)
Now most of the menus buttons start as not interactable, even when in the prefab
the buttons are interactable and visible.

I see that when I'm enabling the 'Clickable in Cutscenes?' checkbox in the menu
it works again. but AC status marked always as 'Normal' (I enabled the 'Show AC Status box')

what can cause this change?

Adventure Creator: v1.75.8
Dialogue system for Unity: 2.2.32
Unity 2021.3.11f1

If 'enable on start?' checked all buttons in menu works fine,
BUT if I turn on the same menu from action list that triggered by clicking button from another menu
it doesn't work.

I changed the action list from 'pause gameplay' to 'run in background' and now it works.
so I guess it's because at the moment of turning on the menu the gameplay was blocked?
if that's the case, I have to change A LOT of action lists now.


  • What version were you updating from?

    Let's see details of a typical Menu's properties, as well as a "Pause Gameplay" ActionList that causes it to turn on.

    The "Clickable in Cutscenes?" option should only take effect if you're currently in a Cutscene - what else does the AC Status box list at the time?

  • edited October 2022

    Menu's properties, Action list and AC's status:

  • Thanks - recreated. I shall look into this.

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