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Can't get Unity UI Menu to work on amazon firetv via the remote

U2017.4.40, AC1.60.5
I got the cursor moving and am able to move the player and click on hotspots.
unfortunately Unity UI is ignored by the middle button of the controller.
Did I configure something wrong?
kind regards


  • Do UI elements react to the cursor's position, i.e. change colour when hovering over them?

    When using Unity UI, clicks are made with the Submit input - InteractionA is used for AC menus.

  • It only highlights via mouse,
    not via cursor moved by remote/gamepad

  • By default, Unity UI will only react to the mouse cursor - not a simulated cursor such as the one AC generates.

    To have Unity UI react to a simulated cursor, you need to supply a replacement to Unity's default EventSystem.

    AC introduced the ability to do so automatically in v1.68.0, inside its OptionalMouseInputModule script. The script exists in v1.60.5, but doesn't have the functionality.

    What you could try is importing AC's current release into a fresh project, and copying over the script into your proper project, removing any references to functions/properties that don't exist in the older version.

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