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Draw a line that follows the movement of an object

In my scene, I have the animation of a knife that lands on a board, tears it a first time, moves away from it a little and then tears it a second time.
I trigger this animation inside an ActionLists.
Now, I would like to draw a line that follows the knife when it is pressed, to show the hitch.
I searched and the Line Renderer component may be suitable? I created an empty Prefab with this component, but I don't really know how to use it afterwards to follow the knife, maybe a script is necessary?


  • Have a look at the Trail Renderer - it's intended for such situations.

    Both this and the Line Renderer are Unity components - if a script is necessary, it won't need to reference AC. However, see if the Trail Renderer is enough - it may be that it can do what you're needing without the use of any scripting.

  • Thank you very much, I placed the "Trait" GameObject as a child of Knife, with the Trail Renderer component and adjusting its parameters, the effect is exactly what I wanted !
    But on the other hand I would like the line to stop when the knife is not pressed and is moved in the air, and then resume when the knife is pressed.
    I will try to figure out how to achieve this result, maybe in the TimeLine ?

  • If you're using Timeline for the sequence, and the Trail is on a separate GameObject, you could try using Unity's Activation Track to enable it only while the sequence plays.

  • Thanks Chris.
    Indeed, that's what I did. The problem is that the stroke fades when the state is idle, which is normal. It would have been necessary to exploit the Emitting option of Trail Renderer I think.

  • You may be able to animate that property in an Animation track.

  • I struggled because I'm learning, but I got there.

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