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UCC integration and additional Opsive Packs

Hi there! I am working on a prototype right now which relies on the AC UCC integration demo. Everything works as expected but then I added the Opsive's Climbing Pack to add ladder climbing. After commenting out a single line that requires an Animator getting on the ladder works but the character won't move up or down the ladder. The InputVector of the character gets set correctly but the Movement update doesn't seem to take effect and the character stays still. Dismounting the ladder works (also via jumps).

I am new to AC and UCC. My question is: is there any obvious fix to let the first person character of the AC-UCC-integration work with the addons that Opsive offers? Are there any things to look out for in the addon code that should be changed?

Thanks a bunch for reading all this! :-)


  • Well, I'm just a user (not the dev), but I've been working with the AC-UCC bridge literally for years. No Opsive add-ons packs will work with AC without additional coding. In fact, I think AC is fine but UCC is rather bloated. I ended up ditching UCC and using a free first-player pack that happens to integrate seamlessly with AC, unlike UCC. With or without ladder usage.

  • Welcome to the community, @soeren.

    To understand your setup, are you using the same Nolan character as the integration's demo scene, and are you relying on Direct or Point And Click movement?

    Check that the AC Motion ability is not active during this time. You can force this off by using the Engine: Manage systems Action to disable the Movement system. This should disable the ability and cause UCC to ignore AC, save for camera-control.

    To test the Action, just make a new Cutscene and set its When running field to Run In Background, then click Run now in the Inspector once on the ladder. Does that cause climbing to then work?

  • Hi! Thanks for welcoming me.

    I use the first person demo (which doesn't use a model or an animator). As far as I can tell, this demo doesn't use an ability to move. Please correct me if I am wrong!

    Is it possible to deactivate the AC movement via C#? I might put this into Opsives climbing script then.

  • You're referring to the AC's UCC Integration package's First Person demo scene?

    As I understand it, all UCC movement occurs through abilities.

    AC has a Motion ability for UCC, which will control the Player character when appropriate - outside of Point And Click control, this should just be limited to during cutscenes. During regular gameplay, AC shouldn't be interfering with the motion of the character.

    As above, you can use the "Engine: Manage systems" Action to prevent the AC Motion ability from kicking in at all. Through script, you can do this with:

    AC.KickStarter.stateHandler.SetMovementSystem (false);

    It may not be an AC issue, however. Check the character's Inspector during this time - it should reveal which ability is currently active.

  • Yes, I use the First Person demo scene of the UCC integration package. Sorry for being so vague!

    I just checked and you are right: this doesn't seem to be an AC problem, because the movement is handled by UCC... The Airborne state is set on instead of the Ladder ability.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, even though it's an integration with another developers asset. I will ask in the Opsive forum for help (if needed) and will update this thread if I find something.

  • edited November 2022

    You were right, Opsive's character controller is way to bloated if you just want a simple first person adventure game (and the version that I own was recently deprecated).

    I moved on and use now Character Movement Fundamentals in the character controller. Much easier to use, integrates trivially with AC and has all the features I need (smooth movement, custom gravity).

    Still, thank you a lot @ChrisIceBox and @Gregorik ! Have a nice day! :-)

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