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Is there any way to keep the portrait on display?

Is there any way to keep the portrait on display, not just when there's a speech going on?
In my game, I only need to show one portrait of the main character, and I want the main character's portrait to be shown from beginning to end.


  • Place your Graphic element inside a Menu that's set to display at all times, e.g, with an Appear type of Manual or During Gameplay.

    If the portrait doesn't animate, you can set the Graphic element's Graphic type to Normal and just assign the texture directly. Otherwise, you can set it to Dialogue Portrait and map its PortraitCharacterOverride property to the Player through scripting:

    (AC.PlayerMenus.GetMenuWithName ("MyMenu", "MyGraphic") as AC.MenuGraphic).PortraitCharacterOverride = AC.KickStarter.player;
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