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Newbie question - Hotspot label below crafting

Hey, I have a problem: when I open the crafting it appears above the hotspot label and it's a bit weird. When I move the mouse from the inventory I can clearly see the item's icon going correctly in the crafting window but the label attached to it goes below the window.
I tried to change sort order in the Canvas component but nothing changed. Both the labels and the crafting are from AC. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks


  • As this is a visual issue, any screenshots you can share will help clarify the problem. What are your AC and Unity versions?

    Are you using Unity UI for all Menus, or are you mixing them with the "Adventure Creator" Source option? AC menus will always be drawn atop Unity UI menus, but if they all use Unity UI then the Sort Order should be what determines their draw order - AC won't affect this.

    If your Canvases render in "Screen Space - Camera", check the Plane Distance value - which affects how far from the Camera they are.

  • Ah thanks Chris, I'm actually using the hotspot label as Unity UI. I have to figure out how to manage it.

  • Are you using unmodified or modified versions of the default UI prefabs, or completely new ones? The default UI interface should display Menus in the correct order.

    If necessary, they can be recreated by using the New Game Wizard to generate a new set, and then copy/pasting the Menus from the Menu Manager it generates.

  • Thanks Chris, I'll try to fix it, I just uploaded the new version of AC and so I hope to manage all.

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