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Nested mlti Drop List Interactions - Like in Paralives game

Was scratching my head on how could one use AC to develop a nested drop list interaction like in game "Paralives"

How could we display the Interaction/Converstation/Dialogue framework to reach that goal?


  • I'd need more detail about what exactly what you're looking to achieve. Can you share screenshots and description?

  • Hi Chris thanks for the feedback
    In this youtube video the funcionality is showed far better then i can explain, it was done in unity3d

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    Thanks for the elaboration.

    You'd need to involve custom scripting to handle the display of nested menus, but in terms of getting the data for them - as well as handling clicks on them - you're probably best off relying on AC's Conversation system, rather than Hotspot interactions.

    A Hotspot can still run a Conversation, and this also allows you to show menus for things that aren't Hotspots, i.e. clicking the floor as in the video. Since you could then also rely on AC to handle the response for picking an option, it'd then mainly be a case of having a custom script handle the display of the menus.

    To rely on Conversations, you'd need your dialogue option labels to be written in such a way that they could be processed into categories and sub-categories. For example, you could use a forward-slash to denote how "deep" an option is. Following the video's example, your dialogue options labels might then look like:

    • Talk to self
    • Think about the past
    • Use phone/Call/Para
    • Use phone/Call/Boss
    • Use phone/Call/Emergency phone
    • Use phone/Browse web
    • Use phone/Order food

    A custom script would then evaluate each label's "/" characters to work out what sub-menu it's in. After going through all options, it should then be able to work out how many levels are needed, as well as how many "parent options" (i.e. "Use phone", and "Call").

    Let me know if this sounds like the right approach and I'll try to advise further if so.

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