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Text Outline Bug

Hi everyone!

I've updated my Adventure Creator game to 2021.3.8f1 and I'm on Adventure Creator version 1.72.4, and I'm running into a very strange periodic bug that I can't seem to track down.

I've noticed that in about 2-3 lines of dialogue, the outline I have set around dialogue in the subtitles menu seems to separate from the text itself. Examples of the bug in the folder link here, with an example showing normal text as well:

I figured this might have been some artifact of the update and was actually able to fix it by simply creating a new actionlist event to replace that dialogue box. However, the bug would then appear on a different line of dialogue. It's particularly strange because the outline effect is governed at the menu level, not in any particular dialogue event, so this one's stumped me.


  • Do the dialogue lines include rich text or text tokens?

    In a duplicate project, import the latest AC version - does it still occur in the latest release?

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    Hi Chris, the dialogue lines don't use any rich text or special tokens--as far as I can tell there's nothing about these specific lines of dialogue that make them any different from any other.

    I updated Adventure Creator to 1.75.8 and the bug is still showing up in the same spot.

    Here's an interesting wrinkle I've discovered: creating a new actionlist dialogue object and copy/pasting the text into the new object doesn't fix the problem, but re-typing the exact same dialogue from scratch DOES fix the issue. I'll try that with the remaining lines and seeing if it crops up anywhere else for the time being.

    (EDIT) I fixed another line elsewhere and a previously fixed line exhibited the same bug again. Curious!

  • Are you using AC for the Subtitle menu's Source?

    If you can PM me a .unitypackage containing your Managers, your font asset, along with a sample scene that demonstrates the issue (this can be an empty scene with dialogue coming from an OnStart cutscene), I'll take a look.

  • Hi Chris, sorry for the delayed response!

    Yeah, I'm using AC for everything. I've never exported a .unitypackage before, so if you could let me know how to do that I can try to compile that for you. I'm still having issues replicating the bug or understanding why it shows up in certain lines of text, but I can also try to put a sample scene together with the bug present.

  • Unity's docs on exporting packages can be found here.

    Though, if you move all the files to the same folder, a .zip of the folder should work as well.

    I will need the Manager assets, a test scene, and the font asset.

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