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Graphic Options Template (Download) Import Error



  • No, and I'm not sure why there'd be a difference in builds vs play mode.

    The EventSystem is present in one of three ways:

    1. AC generates its own automatically
    2. A custom EventSystem prefab is assigned in the Menu Manager, and will override 1.
    3. An existing EventSystem is already present in the scene, and will override both 1. and 2.

    Is the issue you're discussing still that of the Graphic Options menu not turning off?

  • edited May 2023

    Is the issue you're discussing still that of the Graphic Options menu not turning off?
    Oh sorry, no. I sorted that out by just locking the menu (then unlocking again when the options menu is opened) via lock menu actions.

    So I am back to the issue of the Graphic Options build version not working with direct control, but now I know it only does that after opening the control mapper. It's so weird, because it works in the editor every time, opening control mapper doesn't effect things at all.

    I have the EventSystem in the scene (in every scene in fact). It is the same prefab as what's assigned in the Menu Manager.

    The only thing that is different in a build is the fact it is full screen. I shouldn't think that would effect how the UI works, but is literally the only difference between the build and editor version. Is there a way to actually make the play mode be full screen, just to test if it behaves differently?

  • Not that I'm aware - but you could try the opposite and run a build in windowed mode.

  • Hi Chris, I seem to have this working more reliably now, thanks for the help. There's one last crease to iron out though:

    For direct control, using a controller, when you select the resolution dropdown your currently set resolution is highlighted - but most likely this is way down towards the bottom of the dropdown, so you can't actually see what you're currently highlighting. You have to scroll all the way back up for the highlighted area to come back into view, then you can continue as expected.

    A new player would not know this though, and I actually had my Steam build fail it's review as I have "partial controller support" presented on the store page, but in their view it is not considered operable by controller due to this issue.

    So, is there a way I could ensure that the very first (smallest) resolution option is highlighted each time you initially open the dropdown?

  • Noted, thanks.

    I can't tell just yet if this is behaviour is the template, or the Dropdown's default behaviour, but I'll investigate.

  • Of course, it was the template.

    I've updated the package with a fix - importing its AutoScroll script should be enough.

  • Great job Chris, this seems to be fixed now.

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