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Compare Inventory Item Count to zero


So, the Inventory Check action has a limitation that I ran into. I want to check if someone 1 or more of a specific inventory item, I have to do 2 actions. There's no "greater than or equal to" option and I can't do "more than" 0. When I try to do more than 0, the number resets to 1.

It looks like in the code, when it shows the GUI for a specific item + canCarryMultiple + doCount, it will reset the value to 1 if the entered value is less than 1.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Have an inventory item that allows the player to carry multiple
  • Create an Inventory - Check action
  • Set Check To Make to Carrying Specific Item
  • Set Inventory item to the created item
  • Select Query count
  • Set Count is to More Than
  • Set the value to 0

Here's an image of me trying to set it to 0.
Here's an image of the value after I click out of the box I was editing.

Thanks you,


  • Thanks for the details - though if "Query count?" is unchecked, the Action will return True if any amount is found.

    I will look into the zero being ignored issue, all the same.

  • I didn't realize that. That makes a lot of sense then. Thanks.

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