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Change Cursor in menu (Unity UI Prefab)

I have this menu with the different clickable elements (forks, glasses, plates, ...):

I would like to change the cursor to an eraser (IconID=1):

Here are the menu settings -> Vaisselle

Menu item -> Serviette

Actions work fine, but the cursor doesn't change when I hover over the towel.

I've tried a lot, but nothing works...



  • Thanks for the details, though I'm having trouble recreating the issue. Can you share a screenshot of the top of the Cursor Manager, as well as the Inspector for the eraser texture?

    Do any related messages appear in the Console window?

  • Thanks Chris, here are the requested screenshot:

    But even if I select in the cursor area of ​​the Towel Button the O:Utiliser, it doesn't work.
    And again, if I try in an Adventure Creator menu with the cursor 0:Use for example, it does not appear.
    Surely there is something I am doing wrong.

  • Check Replace mouse cursor? at the top of the Settings Manager, and assign a default cursor texture. The wording may not be too clear, but a default cursor is necessary before it can be replaced.

  • Thank you very much Chris.

    I did what you told me, which worked, except the default cursor was appearing at inopportune times.
    I got around the problem by creating a fully transparent texture for the default cursor, and it works the way I want now!

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