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Adventure Creator and Gaia pro 2021

Hello. I use unity 2020.3.25f1, Adventure Creator 1.76.0, Gaia pro 2021 . When I generate terrain in Gaia pro 2021my player doesn't appear in position PlayerStart and can't move around the generated world. That is, the camera only tracks the player prefab that I placed in the scene and the position of the player prefab is different from the position PlayerStart. It doesn't work though controller and the player can't move.


  • It's my understanding that Gaia is used for terrain generation - is it adding anything else to the scene beside a terrain mesh?

    For context, can you share images of your Settings Manager, as well as your Player / camera? Also, is the Console window reporting any relevant messages or warnings?

  • In general, everything worked. It is necessary to add when generating the level Custom Player and Custom Camera. Thank you.

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