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Make 3D object view in inventory ?

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my idea want create a inventory like game "The room "

-1 click on item to view object 3d ( change camera to object 3d want to show )
- drag end drop item to use it

now my stuck just how to 1 click it will change camera end when drag end drop item to use it ?


  • You can assign an Inventory ActionList to an inventory's "use" button, and put a Camera: Switch Action in there.  Because Inventory ActionLists are asset-based (they don't live in the scene), you'll have to reference the Camera using it's ConstantID number - just add the ConstantID script to the camera to give it one.

    Drag and drop isn't currently a feature of AC, but I'm aware that people would like it
  • I see from the date on this post that is a few years old but I checked the forum and this was the closest post that is related to my question. I will re-post it if it doesn't belong here. 

    I would like to have the user be able to click an item in the inventory and have that bring up a separate window with the 3D model of the item that the user can then can pan, zoom and rotate as they see fit. The user can then close the window when done and return to the inventory menu. I can see how to get the interaction to work, I'm just not sure how to bring up another window to view the object. I have already assigned the Linked Prefab in each inventory item to the appropriate prefab so I think it's just a matter of displaying it. I realize that if AC doesn't support this I can use Unity, but I thought I would see if there is a way to do it in AC.
  • As how 3D inventory items are handled vary widely from game-to-game, the approach AC takes in this particular aspect is to open up the API.

    Each inventory item can be assigned a GameObject prefab in the Inventory Manager - see the "Linked prefab" field.  Once assigned, you can then use that prefab in your own scripts to suit.  You can get an API reference to the field by right-clicking the field's label and choosing "Copy script label".
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