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Feature request: Quicksave / Quickload

I've doublechecked the manual, and Quicksave / Quickload is not implemented.
Please consider adding it. Games often do this with the default keys F5 (qsave) and F9 (qload).
It could occupy its own save slot.


  • This can be done with Active Inputs.

    Create two inputs named Quicksave and Quickload, and then define two Active Inputs that refer to these inputs. You can then assign ActionLists that both call the Save: Save or load Action to either autosave, and load the autosave, respectively.

    The "Quicksave" input should only be set to respond during the "Normal" gamestate, as it is not possible to save outside of gameplay. The "Quickload" input can be set to respond during the "Normal", "Cutscene", and "DialogOption" states.

  • Will do, thanks.

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