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Omniverse audio2face in AC for facial animation

Hi, I found this tutorial that helps importing audio2face file to unity.

But I can't understand how it can be done using AC ?



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    AC wouldn't be involved in the animation as such - you'd still rely on the FBX export technique to have it be playable inside Unity.

    To have it play alongside AC speech, however, you can either:

    1. Use Timeline for your cutscenes, and overlay Animation Tracks with your Speech tracks to sync the mouth animation with your speech audio
    2. Use this script on the AC wiki to automatically attach animations to your Animator and play them as speech is spoken.
  • I'm really sorry for such a noob question, but :D

    About using timeline, as I understood if I could somehow import facial animation into unity timeline it is all I need to play it in my game using AC package? If I got this right, for example I have a scenere where I navigate a hero to the hotspot with a button "Look at" after it he is opening his mouth and tell something about the object, in this case can I get it done with AC's visual scripting? For example play the facial animation from timeline with the exact name when the hero is clicking the "Look at" button at the exact hotspot, did I get this right? Or I can use timeline's facial animation only into AC's cutscene logic? Shortly saying I'm minus 0 with coding that is why I depenf on the packages non-code mechanisms so hard. Thank you.

  • You can play back Timeline assets using the Engine: Control Timeline Action. Check the 3D Demo for examples - it uses Timeline for both its opening and closing cutscenes.

    If you add an Animation Track to a Timeline that animates the character's face, you can test it by running if manually from the Timeline window.

    If your Timeline affects the Player character, however, which is spawned in as a prefab at runtime, you'll need to use the above Action to remap the track's bindings to the spawned Player. This workflow is covered as part of the 3D Primer tutorial here.

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