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Feature request: Playlists for Music Storage

edited November 2022 in Engine development

Implementing Playlists for the music system would bridge the gap between AC's music system and the powerful 3rd party audio tools like Master Audio and Sonity -- which I, for one, would no longer need if AC could handle its own music playlists.
Right now the Music storage is one single bulky menagerie of tracks, and it's quite hard (though not impossible) to separate the tracks within; I mean things like "In the Graveyard Playlist", "Roaming the streets Playlist" and so on.
Thanks for considering it.


  • I'd need more details on the specifics. Is this about organising tracks by category in the Editor window, or playing a group of tracks automatically?

  • Actually both the ability to organize by Playlist (or category), and to randomly shuffle (autoplay) these Playlists, perhaps all done in an expanded Music Storage window. Not sure if you deem this a viable idea, but it would add so much value to the music system.

  • edited December 2022

    I'll give it some thought - though I'm concerned about keeping the window from becoming too confusing for those not needing such features.

    What may be more viable is a kind of "tag/category" system, where tracks could be assigned a tag in their properties, which could then be used to organise them elsewhere.

    It's worth mentioning that a "music-shuffle" Action, which could be adapted to suit further purposes, can be found on the AC wiki:

  • What may be more viable is a kind of "tag/category" system

    Though I'm positive that any dev creating an elaborate adventure game would find great use of a built-in full Playlist system. ;) As opposed to trying to integrate 3rd party audio tools that mostly refuse to co-operate with the AC Music/Ambience storage system.

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