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Multi scene Checker script causing huge CPU spike - AC 1.76.0 Unity 2021.3.14f1

Hi Chris,

I am working with a freelance dev friend who is helping me with lip syncing, he also noticed that since upgrading in unity it seems to crash alot in AC. He looked at the usage / system and noticed that the Multi Scene Checker is causing a huge spike. See images in links below, can you help?


  • The link is private.

    What version of Unity have you upgraded to?

  • UNITY 2021.3.14F1

  • Private link, still.

    PM me an accessible link if you wish to keep it private.

  • ah sorry, updated link

  • Any ideas on this Chris?

  • The folder is empty.

  • Sorry! images in folder now!

  • Both images are the same, and neither show the Profiler.

    How are you determining that MultiSceneChecker is the cause? Share shots of the Profiler, with Deep Profile enabled, showing the expanded Hierarchy for the spike.

  • apologies, updated correctly now

  • I see no difference - the images are not showing the Profiler.

  • Hello, freelance dev friend here.

    Here's the problem. If MultiSceneChecker is present, RAM will increase until Unity crashes. It will actually eat up the memory if I let it be:

    And here's the Unity crash:

    Now, here's the moment where I remove that component:

    I suspect there's a memory leak in the way the cursor is set, or something among those lines. No screenshots of deep profiling, but there's something clearly wrong in that component, or something related to it.

    Any way to fix this would be vital, as there's no possible way to continue development this way.

  • Welcome to the community, @cficara.

    The MultiSceneChecker component is responsible for AC's startup process - removing it will prevent AC from running, so I'd expect the issue would end no matter where it's coming from upon doing this.

    The issue does indeed look related to the cursor. Can you share the crash log message in full?

  • Hey thanks.

    Here's the relevant part of the editor.log. Couldn't upload the whole thing as the file is huge (20 MB) but I will be around for questions, thank you!

  • Sorry, I was referring to the message in the "Unity has stopped working" window you showed partially in your screenshot. It mentions the cursor, but I'd need to see the whole message to know which one.

  • Ah, here you go:

  • edited December 2022

    That's the same image as before.

    Select the text inside and copy/paste it here.

    Share a screenshot of your Cursor Manager as well.

  • Hey, good news, found the culprit. As I suspected, has something to do with the cursor.

    If I untick Replace mouse cursor, memory is good:

    If I tick it, memory goes up until it crashes:

    Thanks for the help so far, I think it should be an easy fix. Any other questions, please let me know

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