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Collectible cards

In my game the player can collect hidden tarot cards basically through just spotting them and clicking on them. I have an inventory item that is the tarot deck and opens a GUI where you can see every card you have collected (and the back of the ones that you haven't found). At least that is the idea...

Is there a way to use variables to select which cards to display in the GUI? I am using standard AC menu and do not want to use 22 global variables (one for each card)! :p


  • You should be able to rely on regular Inventory items, rather than variables.

    Inventory items can be categorised, and InventoryBox menu elements can be set to only display items in specific categories. What you could try is placing your "proper" inventory items in a "Normal" category, and create your cards as new items each in a "Tarot" category.

    Then, you could create a new InventoryBox menu element that only displays Tarot items, and update your default Inventory to only show Normal items.

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