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Exiting a sub-menu using Click Type - Action List on Run makes my Save Menu disappear

AC 1.76.0
Unity 2020.3.11f1

Having a bit of an odd issue - I use Action Lists on my "back" buttons for sub-menus such as Save, Load, Options etc (hitting these back buttons brings the player back to the pause menu)

But once I return to the Pause menu through these, the Save button on the Pause menu disappears. If I close and reopen the Pause menu, it reappears. If I change these Action List assets from Pause Gameplay to Run in Background, this issue is fixed (Save button doesn't disappear) but there is a short moment where gameplay unpauses as the menus transition between each other, and then pauses again once the next menu is up (this looks bad - the "Unfreeze 'pause' Menus?" option in "Pause Gameplay fixes this, but this is not available in the Run in Background option) This issue doesn't occur when using Crossfade to switch menus.

My Action Lists also don't contain anything that would disable saving. I think it's just that AC doesn't allow saving when the game is paused during a cutscene, and for some reason that switch/transition cutscene isn't able to complete itself before the game re-pauses (from "Pause game when enabled") and so the cutscene is getting stuck in an incomplete state - preventing saving from being enabled again.

Am I right about this? Is there any known fix? Maybe something like the "Unfreeze 'pause' Menus?" option for Run in Background Action Lists?



  • The default Pause menu's SaveButton element is hard-coded to disable if it detects that gameplay is currently blocked, so if the Pause menu is turned on by an ActionList that blocks gameplay, it'll hide itself.

    This is handled by naming convention, however - if you rename the element to e.g. _SaveButton, then it won't be affected.

    To hide/show the button manually, use the Save: Check Action's Is Saving Possible method followed by a Menu: Change state Action to show/hide the element.

    This'll be best run whenever the Pause menu is turned on. I'd recommend moving these Actions, along with another Menu: Change state Action that turns on the Pause menu, to a separate ActionList which you can then run whenever you want to turn it on.

    To run this instead of it turning on automatically when pressing Escape, set the Menu's Appear type to Manual, and then use an Active Input to listen in for the Menu input to then run the ActionList.

  • Found a quick alternative solution for this! In the Action List (Set to Run in Background) I switched the order for the Actions. Instead of closing the sub-menu first and then turning on the Pause menu through actions, I now turn on the Pause menu and then turn off the sub-menu. Example:
    Old - (0)Turn Off: Options -> (1)Turn On: Pause
    New - (0)Turn On: Pause -> (1)Turn Off: Options

    Note that "Wait until finish?" for Turn On: Pause must be unchecked.

    This may not be the right solution for everyone depending on their menu's animations/aesthetics, but works perfectly for me :)

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